The voice of the business community

The Rottnest Island Chamber of Commerce Inc. (RICC) represents the commercial interests of the businesses that operate on or in connection with the Island. These include the ferries, accommodation, entertainments, shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as the maintenance and supply services.

The Chamber supports the responsible development of Rottnest Island in ways that preserve the pristine beauty and the cultural heritage of the Class A Reserve for generations to come. 

Hotel Rottnest

Five year plan is mandated

7 January 2015

“Making Rottnest Island an attractive and environmentally-sustainable tourism destination and at the same time encouraging a vibrant and feasible environment for business has always been a challenge.”

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Online Shopping Rottnest

10 December 2014

Don’t lug it over! Save yourself time and hassle. When you pre-order your groceries, the Rottnest Store will deliver them in time for your arrival – even putting the items in the fridge or freezer for you.

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Inaugural Smith Family Camp at Rottnest

19 November 2014

In September 2014, the RICC in partnership with The Smith Family supported a pilot Transition to High School camp for 20 Year 6 students, selected from 6 schools in the Kwinana area.

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